Live Nation verkocht vorig jaar meer tickets

Op 26 februari maakte Live Nation Entertainment zijn jaarresultaat bekend. Het bedrijf noteerde in 2012 een groei van 8 procent.

“Our ongoing growth in operating profitability was driven by the continued success of our core business of bringing more fans to more events, with ticket sales growth of 4% at our concerts and 5% for Ticketmaster”, meldt Michael Rapino, CEO van Live Nation Entertainment.

“Looking forward to 2013, I am confident that we will continue the successful growth of the core business. As of the end of 2012, we have sold 9 million concert tickets for 2013 shows, a 58% increase from a year ago. Our ticketing replatforming project is in its last full year of investment and will deliver major product innovations for clients and fans throughout the year, highlighted by our integrated inventory product for fans to be rolled out mid-year.”

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